Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Baggage of Memory

"The world is a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think" - This poem is dedicated to all the feelers out there, who have learnt valuable lessons from what life has taught. Yeah yeah, I know I sound too filmy, but what's life without a little drama? So here goes -

The Baggage of Memory

Much I tried, I tried to forget,
The hands of the man who had lifted my dress,
Had made me feel dirty and scream in pain,
As I kicked and thrashed and tried to refrain,
From breaking my trust, from hurting me more,
I was three years old, and he was a guard at my school door,
The man I had thought was my friend and protector,
Left me with a lesson I would always remember,
Never would I ever trust another male outsider,
To become my friend, or love or advisor.

Much I tried, I tried to forget,
The tears of my mother after the fiery tempest,
Never did my parents ever did get along,
The love seemed to have died, the spark was long gone.
When I saw other parents walking arm in arm,
Loving their children, and each other so disarmed,
I longed for the love to flow everywhere,
Come to me, catch my parents unaware,
Convinced that marriage was only a strife,
I found solace in the imaginary, in dreams about life,
I thought that I will spend my whole life alone,
Live it on my terms, reach horizons unknown.

Oh, how I wish, these lessons I hadn’t learnt,
I would be blissful and at peace, with experience unearned,
Innocent, like a child, I would have loved everyone,
Ignorant and happy, trusted everyone,
The world would have seemed a place more promising,
If I didn’t have the memory of such hatred and deceiving,
True, it is said, a stranger can’t give you pain,
Like someone you deeply love, your trust who has gained,
This baggage of memory I wish we didn’t carry,
Live each moment, if our past we could bury,
Have five second memory, like a gold fish,
Be happy swimming in a bowl, all my life how I wish!

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