Tuesday, 11 October 2016

I think I have lost my home...

I think I have lost my home...

Laughing with my friends playing hide and seek, when love was pure and friendships sweet,

Somewhere in those lanes, I think I have lost my home...

When the days were gloomy and the nights were dark, and yet there was faith and hope in the heart,

Somewhere in my grandma's stories, I think I have lost my home...

Getting clean and dressed for the Sunday prayers, lining up to get my prasad's share,

Somewhere on the way to the Gurudwara, I think I have lost my home...

Taking to the stage to collect my prize, when I was proud and the apple of everyone's eyes,

Somewhere among that adulation, I think I have lost my home...

There were also days when I couldn't be consoled, when everything seemed dark and without hope,

Hidden somewhere in my mother's lap, I think I have lost my home...

The songs we sang and the tunes we grooved to, the ones that took you to a world so new,

Somewhere in the lyrics of those songs, I think I have lost my home,

And there you were sitting by yourself, listening to all but not eager to tell,

Somewhere behind that smug smile, I think I have lost my home...

Then there were dreams that made you fly, took you far too far into the night,

Somewhere beneath the wings of that flight, I think I have lost my home...

And then you came to be tested by fire, making something new from an old pyre,

Somewhere in trying to forge and carve, I think I have lost my home...

So far away in a place so foreign, where everyone talks in ways too strange,

Somewhere in that awkward conversation, I think I have lost my home...

Nomad I feel is what I am today, one moment here and the next away,

In all of this life's hustle, I think I have lost my home...

And yet there is something that brings me back, every time I feel I'm losing track,

Your love, your care, a bond so deep, that wakes me up when I want to sleep,

You provide me shelter and keep me warm, and bring me back to where I belong,

Somewhere in that loving embrace of yours, I think I have found my home...


  1. This is amazing! Lived every bit of it ... So touchy poem :)

  2. Thats bful!
    You ll always be the star of the family!

  3. Oh my god..amazing..beautiful.Touched the strings..really. But believe me many lose its very early in life and never find it again.
    Feeling so nostalgic though..
    Really ..too gud ..beyond words

  4. Very well written harki... Nostalgic... Reading this poem I wish I were still a child...


  5. So true... Very well expressed ..

  6. Hi Gudiya, you are a darling. Feel good ever and always. Love.

    1. Thanks Mamiji... love you too :)

    2. Heart touching. The grinding of life let's you reminiscence the ever changing world of bondings and it's experiences. Love you papa

  7. We always associate home with the place where our mom is. Isn't that amazing. Just that now that we are mothers, its on us to make this house feel like home :)

    1. That's true ma'am. A mother's love is what makes a house a home :)


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